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By: Jenna Rohde

Galentine’s Day is only the best day of the year! Just ask Leslie Knope, a Pawnee Goddess and my favorite Parks and Recreation character. “What is Galentine’s Day?!” She asks, “Only the best day of the year!! Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and boyfriends at home and just come kick it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies!”


While you may not be the type of gal who craves chocolate and whipped cream-smothered waffles on this special lady holiday (but who are we kidding? We’re ALL that type of gal), there are endless ways to celebrate!


Galentine’s Game Night

Whether your gal pals and you want to spend the evening on the couch in pajamas and face masks or hit the new game-bar downtown in your sassiest outfits, a game night could be a Galentine’s Day to remember!  There are few things more memorable than sharing a small couch, fluffy rug, and a coffee table with your besties, crowding around a game of Cards Against Humanity, but a wild night out is a close competitor.  Sometimes spending the evening helping your besties look their absolute fiercest and laughing the night away as you play cornhole or table pool and create memories together is just what a girl needs to remind her just how therapeutic “girl time” can be!


Galentine’s Day Annual Concert

We all wish we had WAY more time to spend with our best friends.  As we grow into adults, it seems like every moment spent with them is much too short.  So, what better way to spend your long, hard-working year other than knowing that on February 13th, you will always get to see a concert with the people who make you so happy!  Make a pact with one another to always keep this tradition and spend the year searching for concerts to see your favorite artists and bands!


Galentine’s Dinner

Much like Galentine’s Game Night, Galentine’s Dinner can be spent either cozied up in your living room or at your favorite restaurant.  Why do we save fancy dinner dates for boys we meet on Bumble when we can grab our dearest gal pals and stuff our faces and say “heck yes!” to dessert.  We all have that dress in our closet we’ve been saving for something special, so throw it on and treat yourself all night long!  If it’s been a long week or you prefer a more intimate and calm evening with your ladies, hop in the car and head to the nearest Whole Foods and take your time, choosing what ingredients you’ll need and what foods you’re all craving.  When you’ve grabbed everything (don’t forget the charcuterie board and dessert wine), head home to play Britney Spears Pandora on the loudspeaker and spend the evening cooking and dancing with your favorite people!


Like I said, the possibilities for a Galentine’s Day celebration are endless!  If these few ideas don’t sound like the perfect holiday celebration for you and your people, create your own plan that works for your schedules, weather, and location.  All that matters is that you spend your day empowering the women in your life because, as women in this country, we’ve come a very long way in an extremely short amount of time which is proof of just how powerful we can be when we support and love each other, rather than tearing each other down with judgments, unkind words, and gossip.  Don’t forget to spread the love of Galentine’s Day to mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends in your life this year!


Sierra Belle Cupid is Stupid Event

reno valentines women clothing boutique

You can also join us at our Sierra Belle Cupid is Stupid Event February 11. We will be serving refreshing mimosas, peach bellinis, and Stella Rosa with delicious appetizers and sweet treats in the store.  

Still searching for that perfect Valentine’s Day outfit? The Belles have you covered! Come have some fun and celebrate the ultimate ladies day out!

If you have any questions or need help finding the perfect piece, the Belles are always here for you! Stop by the shop or find the perfect trendy clothing at our online store.

Happy Galentine’s Day!



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