Self-Care Sunday - Sierra Belle Boutique Tips For a Self-Care Routine

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By Sierra Belle Samantha 

Sundays are for rejuvenation, right? I am a firm believer that taking the time to rest and reset on Sunday’s is the best formula for starting off your week on the right foot. Do these 3 things and set your mood for the week ahead of you.

1. Wake up early and make yourself a balanced breakfast.

I do not consider myself a morning person by any means, but I find that when I wake up earlier on Sundays and treat myself to a warm cup of coffee and eggs and toast, I am motivated for the rest of my day.

2. Avoid your phone.

This is a big one, and I know it’s hard to not roll over in the morning, grab your phone, and mindlessly scroll through social media, but be strong! When I wake up in the morning and make the choice to put myself first, and not social media I find my days to be so much better.

3. Pick one thing today to do for YOU.

Whether it’s putting on a moisturizing face-mask, yoga/stretching, a little treat ya self shopping at Sierra Belle, pick something to do for yourself on this day. You deserve it!

Xoxo, Sam

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A Note From Samantha:

Hello, loves! I’m Samantha, a lover of adventure, fitness, and of course all things fashion. I’m currently a junior at at the University of Nevada, Reno studying Journalism. I’m originally from Las Vegas, NV, but after attending two years of school in Reno, NV I have fallen in love with this funky and fun town. Located in the heart of midtown, Sierra Belle Boutique is where I met my closest friends, and not to mention...where I find all of my must haves! Sierra Belle Boutique stands for being simple, affordable, trendy, and chic. But most importantly for making our customers feel beautiful every time they walk into the store. For me, being a Belle is a definition of who I am. Thanks for visiting the site!

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