Let's Talk Wedding Season

By Natalie West

When it comes to wedding season and what to wear as a guest it can become overwhelming following the rules of “No black, it is bad luck,” “look good but don’t over shine the bride,” and the ever popular “white is out of the question” can become a lot to handle. Dressing for a wedding can be a true challenge, having to stay true to yourself and your style while staying classy and sophisticated for the event.

So with wedding season being in full force we have come up with a few tips for what to wear for your upcoming wedding event.

Stand out but tastefully

Make sure you are wearing something that is not to revealing or short. Think back to elementary school, if it doesn’t hit the fingertips with your arms at your side then girl it is way to short!

Stay true to your style

It is important to feel comfortable in your own skin when dressing up for special events. Wear a dress that makes you feel beautiful as well as makes you feel like you. You will always look your best when you stay true to yourself and style. If you have more of a casual and effortless style and esthetic then dress a plain dress up with jewelry and fun accessories that will make your look pop. Be YOU and the beauty will follow!

If you have any questions or need help finding the perfect piece, the Belles are always here for you! Stop by the shop or find a great wedding dress at our online store.


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