Sierra Belle Featured in Reno Tahoe Tonight for Excellent Service

Sierra Belle was featured in Reno Tahoe Tonight for our excellent service. We are very proud of this feature because our girls pride themselves on providing an excellent in store experience. Read below or visit the original article!

Sierra Belles of Service

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summer womens clothing reno boutique What would you say constitutes good customer service? Is it a friendly smile as you walk into a store? Or how about taking care to learn your preferences and finding the suitable items that fit? Well if you're looking for a great shopping experience where the fashionable service matches the stylish clothing options, then head to Sierra Belle Boutique. 

When developing the concept of Sierra Belle Boutique, owner Katherine Bock knew she wanted to bring some one-of-a-kind designers to her shop. She also had a vision for the folks who would represent her brand... She wanted Belles. 

"Our Belles are just down to earth girls who love fashion and people," Bock explains. "We love to talk to everyone and we love to have a good time in the store."

Bock worked hard to hire those that fit the bill. They took care in their training and now all seven Belles eagerly, passionately share Bock's mission for the epitome of customer service.

"We strive to provide positive memorable experiences each and every time a customer walks into our store, "Bock adds, "Our girls work hard because they love Sierra Belle, and each one has their own personal style. For us, it's the little things like welcoming everyone who comes in the door, helping them find the perfect outfit or wrapping up the gift they bought for a friend."

With a friendly face and amazing style, the Belles are always to put a smile on your face and ask about your day. 

"We love our customers and getting to know them," one of the Belles said. "We want everyone who visits Sierra Belle to feel like they are part of the Belle family., just like Katherine made us feel like part of the family."

Head-to-toe and more

When you every Sierra Belle located in The Sticks shopping center in Midtown, you'll be whisked away to a fashion mecca. Think rack upon rack of the best garments and trays of cute accessories, head adornments and shades. Known for their charming personalities and candor spirit, the Belles are dedicated to finding the perfect garb and accessories for any event. 

With its simple and affordable store with a chic twist, Sierra Belle houses the trendiest of fashions for everyone and caries only a limited supply of each piece it sells. Bock explains that the idea behind this is that everyone deserves her own look and doesn't want to see others out on the town while in the same piece of clothing. 

"We like to keep things individual. We like to keep our looks special. Our clothes are what make you, you," she adds. The handpicked clothing masterpieces at Sierra Belle will make you the envy of any party. 

So the next time you are yearning for that service with a smile and some cute looks to go with it, head to Sierra Belle and let the Belles treat you!


Warm weather, sun shine, and flowers in bloom are just around the corner. Find that perfect summer outfitCome shop Sierra Belle and freshen up your wardrobe for summer. You'll need some trendy dresses and rompers to run around in this season and the Belles have you covered!


If you have any questions or need help finding the perfect piece, the Belles are always here for you! Stop by the shop or find the perfect trendy clothing at our online store.

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